5 Winter Sports You Can Do Near Winter Park

Winter and the cold chill it brings make us longing to spend some quality time with our loved ones. A nice gathering around the fireplace and some big, sumptuous meal keep us grateful. The mood is even much better when you are out on the beautiful mountain range of Winter Park, Colorado.

Winter Park, also known as Lakota Winter Park, is the perfect spot to build lasting fun memories, strengthen the family bond, and meet some interesting new people. There are probably a hundred happy activities and fun to be had in the crisp, breezy winds while in Winter Park. If you are unsure about what to start with, here are five winter sports you can do near Winter Park.

5 Winter Sports You Can Do Near Winter Park

  1. Cross-country Skiing

Skiing is probably the first activity that comes to mind when you think of winter sports. After all, almost 15 million Americans engage in it. The Winter Park area is filled with unlimited snow-covered mountains for your skiing interests.

Winter Park has a variety of trails that turn up the fun for skiers. With a spread-out landscape with both groomed and ungroomed trails to slide gracefully through. Arapaho national forest surrounding the park is full of trails that you can enjoy in the company of your pets.

You can double up the fun by engaging in friendly competitions with your family and friends. Being new to the sport is no problem either. Several private or group lessons are available, done on beginner trails, where you can have just as much fun on safe landscapes.

  1. Snowmobiling

It doesn’t get more recreational than snowmobiling. Coasting through the snow on an engine-powered mobile force is an exhilarating kind of cruise. Plus, it is a great alternative to all the other sports that take a toll on your joints and muscles. 

With snowmobiling, you get to enjoy the view of Winter Park and its environs at a different speed, taking in the breeze and the scent of the holidays. You will have a blast navigating through the trail between Winter Park and Fraser. 

  1. Ice Skating

The list will be incomplete without mentioning ice skating, a family favorite. You can break out your skates and dazzle the rink with your skills.

Beginners can easily find lessons, adding an extra skillset for your friends to be jealous of. For expert ice skaters, you will find the “IceBox” skate rink of the Fraser Valley sports complex up to the challenge. The complex hosts a series of skating and hockey programs you can join, have fun with, and make new friends.

  1. Fat Biking

Pedaling through the snow on the many exciting trails around Winter Park is not something you see every day. And this is different from your regular cycling; you get to pull up some interesting pair of tires on your bikes. The bigger tire sets help you power through the snow leaving a happy trail of tracks behind you.

Did we mention that  Winter Park has some of the finest trails in the continental USA? The cross-country track trails extend for 600 miles, and fat biking through while taking in the beauty of the mountain is an experience of a lifetime. Plus, 

  1. Sleigh Rides

Ever thought about cuddling with your loved ones while on a ride in the snow? The sleigh’s roomy coach is perfect for just that. Enjoy a fine ride while drifting through the mountain next to your favorite people in the world, while being pulled by some fine horses. The experience is almost straight out of a book and will definitely leave a lasting memory.


Winter is about the only period of the year when everyone is free to have fun. What better way can you think of spending it than in the slush mountains of Winter Park? Not only do you get to enjoy the outstanding views, but you also get to have loads of fun with the different sporting activities available. Not to mention, you get a head start on losing some of that holiday fat, all the while making amazing memories.