Amenities That Turn a Mountain Property into a Home

Finding the perfect mountain resort home is an amazing feeling, and we believe everyone joining the Winter Park community is just beginning their journey to bliss. That’s why it’s always been our team’s top priority to make Lakota at Winter Park a place where every home marries together luxurious amenities—ones that leave any visitor feeling lavish and cared for—and unique characteristics that make your home one-of-a-kind. Here are just a few reasons why the right amenities and interior design focal points can turn your house into a home.

Is Custom the Way to Go?

With new construction, the options for customizing your mountain home are endless. If you’re looking to bring in the unique amenities that mean the difference between just any other home and your home, it’s time to meet with your builder and architect personally. Some homeowners opt to completely customize their floorplan to fit their needs, whether that means adding space for a dream wine cellar, or a double-sided fireplace that bridges the gap from the home office to the living room; our designers have you covered.

Never Underestimate the Power of Art

With great luxury comes great amounts of wall space. Two things can be very tempting in this situation

  • 1. Buy generic art to fill space
  • 2. Keep walls void of art altogether

We’d suggest a third (and possibly best) option:

  • 3. Select tasteful pieces that speak to your overall style

Finding the right art for your home can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! We suggest creating an “art mood board” for your home. By doing so, you’ll be sure to create cohesion from room to room. Simply put, find art pieces that inspire you. Acquiring artwork that fits your home can be the difference between a space that feels “right” and one that feels “offputting”.

Whether purchasing simple prints or original pieces, stepping into your home will never feel like stepping into a space void of your personal aesthetic. Are you planning on living in your mountain home year-round? This is the perfect time to get family photos printed and fitted onto a canvas! Bring in those personal touches with images you’ve captured on your own.

Your Home Beyond the Back Door

You might think that walking into your backyard and seeing majestic mountain views is more than enough. But imagine a life with a walk-out patio featuring a hot tub, outdoor eatery, or a firepit fit for the whole family. Utilizing your outdoor space is just as important as utilizing what’s indoors. You might not be hitting the slopes every day, but that doesn’t mean you should ever be too far from resort amenities. Adventure literally awaits in your own backyard!

Building Character

We’ve heard it time and time again, new construction homes just don’t have the same character as older properties. We beg to differ! We love that newer homes mean less maintenance, updated technology features, and an overall more liveable space. But if you’re feeling like your newer home is lacking that “historic” charm, here are a few tips to help bring it in.

  • Bring in unique furniture pieces. 

Instead of purchasing newly manufactured pieces for your home, bring in warmth and dimension with pieces from one or more periods of time. Whether it’s a dutch hutch in the kitchen or a velvet mid-century modern sofa, one-of-a-kind pieces can be the difference between a sterile-looking space and one with effortless style.

  • Use one-of-a-kind lighting pieces.

Lighting is tremendously important in creating a relaxing and luxurious ambiance. Rather than working with widely produced lighting fixtures, mix it up with something no one else has. If you’re working with a designer, discuss the overall mood you’re trying to set within any given space. What lighting might create a cozy atmosphere in the master bedroom, and what would bring an energetic feel to the kitchen? Once you understand how you want the space to feel, use lighting like you would a tasteful item of jewelry. Lighting should stand out just a touch, while still working gracefully with all other pieces within a space.

Ready to Start Your Adventure?

If you’re looking for your perfect get-away home or year-round resort residence, look no further than Lakota at Winter Park. Everyone’s idea of luxury may be different, but one thing’s for certain, you’ll find your luxurious safe haven here. Talk to our team today about available properties, homesites, and options for unique customizations.