Autumn in Winter Park

Some may expect Winter Park real estate to be most beautiful with snow on the ground. Like Glacier National Park in Montana, when you go there and see ice, you’re chuffed to know that you’re getting the marquee experience; beauty, as advertised. In many ways, agents who manage Winter Park’s homes for sale are able to find buyers for them because of that winter wonderland aesthetic that is so indicative of the area from October through February. 

If a snowy Winter Park is comfortably nestled in the “obvious” category, then the best-kept secret of Winter Park’s Colorado real estate would have to be how incredible it is during summer, spring, and autumn.

Trading Silver for Gold

In Fall, the perfect, powdery mountaintops that made Colorado famous in winter are a distant memory as all of Summit County gets swallowed up in the serenity of lush autumnal splendor. Golds, yellows, reds, and greens adorn the many hiking trails of Winter Park, presenting a breathtaking view of nature’s swan song. 

Happily, there are numerous things to do in the Fall that will let you get the most out of your time on your Winter Park real estate. 

Give Our Itinerary a Try

If you’re just visiting for a short while or it’s your first time being here, we’ve taken the liberty of drawing up a full three-day itinerary designed to help you experience the very best of Winter Park. Aiming to help you relax on your autumn getaway, the itinerary includes:

  • A fantastic experience at the Ranch Creek Spa where you can literally feel the stress of the daily grind leaving your muscles.
  • A chance to take a dip in Winter Park’s natural hot springs. Imagine a hot tub infused with all the minerals your body needs to look young and feel good, springing forth out of the ground!
  • A beautiful nature walk on Fraser River Trail, accessible right in the heart of the town.

With activities slated for morning, afternoon, and evening, our itinerary is designed to give you that renewed “go-get-em” attitude as the new work week rolls around on Monday.

Strike Out From Base Camp

The real estate in Winter Park, Colorado is the perfect place to prepare for excursions all over the state. As the secret of Colorado in the Fall gets out to more and more people, the list of the most popular outdoor activities will get even more refined. Consider these activities, proven to be some of the most fun you can have in the Centennial State as the leaves begin to change:

  • Over 25 historical nature drives, perfect for a quick jaunt to see the landscape.
  • Harvest festivals in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, and more, ring in the crisp autumn months.
  • Go ghost hunting in Colorado’s most haunted locales.

Fall is the perfect time to give thanks for the bounties of the year by taking part in some of Colorado’s most popular yearly celebrations. There’s nothing like an Oktoberfest, an Apple Fest, or an Elk Fest to make one feel like a true-blooded Coloradoan.

Become the Sporting Type

With locales as breathtaking as much for their commonality as they are for their beauty, Winter Park’s real estate is the perfect place to take part in activities that are as diverse as you are. Sportsmen and women come from all over the world to surround themselves with the spirit of the Rockies and enjoy the myriad opportunities they provide for fun. 

  • Get your license and your gear and come hunt and fish to your heart’s content.
  • There are bike trails and then there are autumn bike trails. Learn the difference, firsthand.
  • Once winter comes, all the best Aspen hiking trails will require snowshoes and skis to traverse properly. Come enjoy the sights of Fall hiking.

We have merely scratched the surface here, but that’s what makes it exciting! Winter Park and greater Colorado have enough to reward any amount of curiosity and adventurousness you have. Book your autumn getaway today.