Buying a Condo vs Buying a House in Winter Park Colorado

The Lakota lifestyle is a simple one, which as they say, allows you to simply live. The communities of good people and thriving natural beauties are what will make Winter Park the clear choice for your next home or condo. With a fine selection of stunning neighborhoods to choose from and even customize for yourself including:

  • Northwoods 
  • The Reserve 
  • Trailside 

A house in Winter Park Colorado means being seated next to gorgeous mountains and breathtaking natural views. It means being just a stone’s throw from some of the best skiing in the world in the winter(over 3,000 skiable acres), festivals, golf courses, and much more including: 

  • Live Theatre at Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre
  • History Performances by the Grand County Characters
  • Live Music at the Grand County Concert Series
  • Nightlife and Dining throughout Winter Park
  • Picturesque Hiking and Camping throughout Grand County
  • Art Festivals
  • Music festivals featuring renowned artists and bands
  • Food and Wine Festivals
  • Local Amphitheater
  • Town Event Center

The main difference between buying a condo and buying a house anywhere is when buying a house, you also own the land it is built on. Other differences include neighbors. When you purchase a condo it will generally be within a building that has other condos in it. Placing people above, below, and next you your unit just like an apartment building. Because of this, buying a condo may be less expensive up front, however, you will need to account for HOA fees and insurance which is generally less than insurance on a house. 

“Location location location”

Condos will generally be located in a city or more densely populated area whereas a house could be more isolated. In the Lakota area, duplexes, condos, and houses are all located in the same area making it a little bit less about  “Location, location, location”. 

Pros and Cons

Another common difference between buying a house and buying a condo, is the built-in community that comes with a condo. Houses offer much more space than a condo that you’ll have all to yourself and your family. A condo is less roomy but your neighbors are right there when you need them. 

One huge perk of owning a home outright is the ability to customize. Want to change that chandelier that doesn’t fit with the style of your home? It’s gone! Think the space that that game center upstairs could be better used as a reading nook? Do it! Need railings with a little more support? The only person you need to ask permission from is yourself. Not to mention, privacy. Owning a single-family house gets you farther away from neighbors. No need to worry too much about noise or knocks on the wall from the people living on the other side. Check out these custom home options to make the house you get in Winter Park the house of your dreams. 

A major plus side to having a condo is that there is less maintenance you’re responsible for. The association in charge of the entire building will fix anything as per your agreement with them. Say you have a busted water pipe or perhaps a rickety railing on the patio. Instead of having to pay completely out of pocket for a plumber or a tradesman to come and repair these things, you’ll be able to get them fixed through the HOA. Hence the fees. One last great thing about condos is the amenities. If you wanted to build a swimming pool for your home, that would cost a pretty penny but many condominium complexes already come with one! As well as other amenities such as a sauna, or exercise room.
Check out the expert team of real estate pros that are here for you to help find your perfect home or condo in Lakota.