Not Just for Winter: Winter Park’s Outdoor Summer Activities

Winter Park, Colorado may be best known for “The Best Ski Resort in North America”, but it is certainly not just a wintertime destination! Squeeze the most out of your summer in Winter Park by enjoying these estival escapades:

Get Rolling

Mount a Mountain Bike

When summer rolls around in Winter Park, so can you! This “Mountain Bike Capital USA” is home to two downhill bike parks and more than 600 trails, where those of all skill levels can blaze through some of the best mountain biking terrain in Colorado.

Experiment with an E-Bike 

Intermediate bikers can jumpstart their journey! Rent an electric bike at Winter Park Resort and get rolling on a 600-foot high guided ride.

Ride Off-Road 

If an ATV is more your speed, blazing your way towards the Continental Divide through the historic Corona Pass will lift your spirits to nearly 12,000 feet!

Shred the Skatepark

If your wheels were made for the concrete jungle, the Rendezvous Event Center Skate Park is the prime place to practice your tricks and get your summer kick(flip)s! 

Get High

Elevate Your Eating

If you’re a hiker, biker, or even just a scenery-liker, you can replenish your reserves and take in the blooming backdrop of Winter Park at one of its many elevated eateries and taprooms.

Dangle Your Derriere

If soaring above the summer heat sounds heavenly, lift your feet off the ground on Winter Park Resort’s 10,700-foot gondola or find your zen on a zipline at Devil’s Thumb Ranch!

Scale the Summit

Climb the ladder of fitness by working on your climbing finesse! Be bolder by bouldering your way up the Rockies near Arapaho National Forest, and you’ll feel on top of the world.

Fly Over Fraser

Walk on air by overlooking the Fraser Valley in a hot air balloon, or take flight over Grand County on an aerial flight tour. Rise up and see the sunrise if you’re an early riser!

Get Wet

Sail the Seas

Float through the season with ease by getting out on the water! Grand Lake is a grand place to go boating, and it’s enveloped by Rocky Mountain National Park, which is sure to float your boat!

Soak in the Springs

Soothe your senses by taking a dip in nature’s primal pools! Supply your cells with the minerals and warmth of the springs at Hot Sulphur Springs Resort!

Raft the River

Get thrilled about your summer with whitewater rafting! If you prefer to keep it mild, take a guided whitewater expedition on the Colorado River, and if you seek to get wild, take on the rapids of Clear Creek!

Paddle on the Pond

Paddle away your problems this summer by taking a paddleboard out on the pristine waters of Colorado’s largest and deepest natural body of water!

Get Wild

Trawl for Trout

Cast your line in the heart of trout country and fly fish to your heart’s content. If your line comes back and tells you to “go fish!”, you can always hire a private guide!

Comb for Critters

If you’re looking to get to know your natural neighbors, take up birding or take a walk in the park, Rocky Mountain National Park, for a chance to spot moose, elk, and mountain goats!

Frolic in the Flowers

Need some inspiration? Take a stroll on Serenity Trail, where the wildflowers are sure to take your breath away. While you feast your eyes on the flowers, be sure to keep an eye out for Colorado’s state flower, the Blue Columbine!

Scour for Shrooms

For fun guys that love fungi, foraging for mushrooms is sure to be a tasty mission!

Get Out in the Open

Trek the Trails

Winter Park is overflowing with hiking trails, so whether you’re open to a leisurely stroll or a strenuous trek, take an opportunity to get out and explore the open wilderness! 

Retreat from the Rat-Race

Escaping the daily grind is a picnic in Winter Park, so step outside and have one! If you’re in need of a longer retreat, grab your camping gear and get lost in one of Winter Park’s many campgrounds.

Get Slippery

Shoot Down the Slide

Slip away, along with your stress, on Colorado’s longest alpine slide! Not only will it give you 3000 feet of exhilarating track, but it will also give you a lift to the top of the mountain, which is sure to lift your spirits.

Twirl on a Tube

Hop on a tube and slide into summer at Snow Mountain Ranch, where you can sail down the slopes on their special summertime tubing!

Get Skilled

Align Your Aim

If your survival skills could use a hand, try your hand at archery at Snow Mountain Ranch!

Teach Your Tiny Trailblazer

If your kid won’t stop kidding-around this summer, let them loose on a ropes course at Winter Park Resort or surrender them to a day of mountain adventuring at Camp Idlewild!

Get Giddy’d Up

Hop on a Horse

Leave the mountain bike at home and ride the terrain of the Fraser Valley like those who came before us—on horseback! 

Revel in the Rodeo

Hold onto your saddle at the High Country Stampede Rodeo, where events like barrel racing, steer wrestling, and bull riding are sure to knock you off your horse!

Whatever the weather, get the best of what Colorado’s mountains have to offer in Winter Park! When the powder melts away, the fun is here to stay, so be sure to savor your summer.