Restaurants in Winter Park

If you have an adventurous spirit, the Rocky Mountains can inspire many adrenaline-pumping, physically challenging opportunities that are unmatched anywhere else, and nowhere is that more true than in the beautiful environment of Fraser Valley in Colorado. Nestled between the magnificent snowy peaks of the Coast and Cascade mountain ranges—and filled with seemingly countless acres of land, patterned with trails that wind through towering forests—the valley offers an abundance of year-round activities to experience and enjoy. Better still, beautiful towns in the midst of these wondrous surroundings offer conveniences and amenities that are, in spirit, extensions of the Rocky Mountain experience. 

Winter Park, Colorado, is one such town—an epicenter of both luxury and adventure—where world-class outdoor and indoor activities can be had, and within biking distance of your home. Of course, the winter activities are nearly endless, but even in summer, there are a plethora of activities for you and your family to enjoy. However, no matter the season, you can always head into town and feed your adventurous nature by taking advantage of all of the amenities that Winter Park has to offer; and, with a little try and gumption, you’ll always have something new to experience.

The Pioneer Pallette 

And how will you feed that spirit, you might ask? Well, despite the small-town vibes, if you head into Winter Park from your new subdivision in Lakota, you’ll still find many establishments that would quench the thirsts and appease the pangs of hunger of even the wiliest and toughest of the Rocky Mountain pioneers. 

  • Listed below are just a smattering of the many restaurants that Winter Park and its surrounding areas have to offer, each touched with the special character of the environment and community that surrounds them:

Idlewild Spirits Distillery

The space is tucked away on a lower level under Main Street in Winter Park and has nailed the cozy, speakeasy vibes. They specialize in handcrafted cocktails and tapas and employ a master distiller who’s passionate about creating a unique, Colorado-infused spirit that encapsulates the identity of the Rocky Mountains. The cocktail menu changes seasonally with traditional favorites and new concoctions. Be sure to make it out to Idlewild for an after-dinner drink when you’re adventuring in Winter Park.

Goodys Mountain Creperie 

Goodys Mountain Creperie provides an intimate dining experience with a welcoming folksy atmosphere. At the Lakota at Winter Park, you’ll get used to lingering wildlife waiting in the woods to give you the eye. At Goodys, a hulking wooden moose hanging above the baristas also greets the clientele, while a large selection of award-winning crepes, bakery items, and other delicacies await their palettes.

Elevation Pizza

This joint boasts the best pizza in all of Fraser. With specialty pizzas that include names like “The Adam Bomb, “Fire on the Mountain,” and “The Ranger,” the chefs at Elevation take the Rocky Mountain to the next level with their expertly crafted pies. Although it wasn’t especially spacious when it first opened, they’ve recently expanded by adding an extra 1,000 feet of dining space—and of course, they have carry-out and delivery options for those patrons who’d like to enjoy their unique blend of ingredients on-the-go.

Wake N’Bacon

Located in Winter Park’s Park Place Shopping Center, this restaurant specializes in brightening your morning up with the best hashbrowns in town, The menu also includes the town’s best options in pancakes, omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and burritos. Apart from this traditional morning fare, you might want to order their elaborate “breakfast pot pie.” If you’re looking for something lighter before you go hiking or skiing, try some of their famed breakfast-type appetizers, including their items made entirely of bacon and donut holes to share with friends.

Heed the Call

There is a way that the mountains call to each of us, and in turn, we all hear it eventually. When you hear this call of the wild, the atypically adventurous and independently-minded among you will heed its call by packing up and moving out of the city. Though there are plenty of small mountain towns that can await you, the developing properties of Lakota at Winter Park offer modern luxuries combined with the rustic powers of the outdoors. With the town of Winter Park nearby, you can feel confident that you can live a little wilder and behave just a little less refined, without having to give up the finer things in life.