The 2021-22 Ski Season Predictions

Preparing for Fun This Season

Back in September of this year, we wrote about how you can prepare for the 2021 ski season, an affair that is sure to be ramping up from what had otherwise been a pretty dismal 2020 year in winter sports. In that article, we said, “Planning a great winter for you and your family will hinge on learning all that there is to do and then employing some creative calendaring to fit it all in. There is certainly no shortage of fantastic attractions that will leave happy memories for you to enjoy for the rest of your life — there’s a reason Winter Park homes for sale tend to go fast!”

We then proceeded to give you some tips about checking the availability of Winter Park’s real estate and securing the passes you’ll need to get access to everything you’ll want to do when you get here.

For this article, however, we wanted to dive deeper into the weather itself and see what the ‘21-’22 season will actually look like in terms of snow. After all, nothing beats the winter wonderland that is Colorado from December through February.

Casting Predictions

As you’ve likely noticed while planning your vacation to Lakota Winter Park, the snowy weather so indicative of winter has been a bit slow in coming. This falls in line with most meteorologists, who have predicted a few things about Colorado’s ski weather:

  • Autumn will remain warm and dry and Winter will start sometime in December
  • There will be periods of abnormally warm, windy weather throughout December
  • Southern Utah and Colorado will remain relatively dry

A few of the most recent almanacs are doubling down on these predictions. The Farmers’ Almanac, a publication based on astronomy instead of meteorology, is calling for a mild Christmas but a snow-heavy January before lightening back up again in February. Meanwhile, the Old Farmer’s Almanac (an altogether different publication, basing predictions off of sunspots and climatology) also predicts that the best skiing will be in Eastern Colorado, where the snow will be thickest; the Western part of the state, on the other hand, will remain dry.

Finally, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts that this winter will be unusually warm for Colorado, leading to a generally mild snowfall statewide.

The Greatest Snow on Earth

Piecing together these three predictions, and assuming they are correct, we can see that January will be the best time to visit Colorado if you want to get in the best skiing of the season. If you already own Winter Park real estate and you want to rent it out, or you are looking to buy or rent before the real skiing starts, you can contact us here. We can make sure your experience at Lakota is one you’ll never forget.