Winter Park: The Perfect Summer Getaway

As we reach the spring months and continue moving further into the year, thoughts about summer vacations often begin surging through our minds. Some prefer the soft sand of the beach and the smell of the ocean, while others crave a cool mountain breeze and beautiful landscape vistas. Whether you are a beach lover or a mountain lover, we at Lakota are here to tell you that everyone has a place at sunny Winter Park, Colorado. Don’t let there be confusion in our name, the summers at Winter Park are full of recreation and unparalleled beauty, making it one of the best places in the country to buy a second home and enjoy a memorable vacation with the entire family. 

Enjoy a Perfect Climate

Here are some Winter Park summer/annual climate averages to take you right back to spring during the summer.

Rainfall. The annual rainfall in Winter Park is around 24 inches, much less than the 38-inch national average. This means that you are less likely to see clouds in the sky and have your plans rained on. 

Sunny days. Those in Winter Park experience, on average, 248 days of sunshine—nearly 21 percent more than the national average.

Summer temperatures. The average July high in Winter Park is a perfectly moderate 75 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for just about any activity.

UV index. Because of higher elevation (just over 9,000 feet), the UV index in Winter Park is slightly greater than average. Be sure to put on sunscreen before you and the kids have fun in the sun.  

A Day at the Beach

For beach lovers, there are a lot of aquatic options to be explored. Just a short drive from any Winter Park second home, are a number of lakes and reservoirs. Here are just a few from the list: 

  • Meadowcreek Reservoir
  • Lake Granby
  • Monarch Lake 
  • Shadow Mountain Lake
  • Grand Lake
  • Willow Creek Reservoir
  • Williams Fork Reservoir
  • Wolford Reservoir 
  • High Mountain Lakes

Sit back, relax and enjoy the warm summer sun. Again, tans come fast in Winter Park so bring that sunscreen. 

Live Life From the Mountain Tops

For the nature lover, there is a lot to do in Winter Park during the summer. Here is a brief breakdown:

Hiking. Our mountain trails span hundreds of miles. There is something for both beginners and seasoned hikers. 

Camping and RV-ing. Winter Park is home to many clean campgrounds for those nights where you just want to be out of the house and in nature. 

Fishing. As listed above, there are many places to catch fish in Winter Park. Just grab your pole (and fishing license) and head out for the day.

Rafting. We are right by the Colorado River where the whole family can enjoy whitewater rafting and kayaking.

Biking. Winter Park has over 600 miles of cross-country trails and a world-class downhill bike park. Don’t forget your full suspension or hard-tail. 

Golf. With four awe-inspiring golf courses nearby, Winter Park is any golfer’s dream destination. 

Horseback rides. Nothing quite beats the view from a horse. Enjoy mountain horseback riding and other adventures with the whole family. 

Other activities. The list is just beginning. From boating, summer tubing, resort activities, and train rides to a number of indoor activities, there is always something to do in Winter Park during the summer. 

The Best Place for a Second Home

Although the avid skier will inevitably be drawn to the Rocky Mountains during the winter months, the summers here at Winter Park are absolutely lovely. Whether you want to vacation in the winter or the summer, a second home in Winter Park will provide you with the ideal destination. Come enjoy life and create memories from your second home in beautiful Winter Park, Colorado.