The Top 5 Reasons to Live in Winter Park

For those looking to invest in a second home, the available real estate at Winter Park, Colorado is an obvious place to start exploring. Despite the growing number of tourists that make the trek to the Rocky Mountains each year for a week at a time to attend a festival or hit the slopes, the benefits of living in Colorado remain one of the country’s best-kept secrets. For example, Colorado boasts some of the lowest tax rates in the United States, both in terms of property taxes and a flat income tax. 

Coloradans also benefit from a number of attributes that contribute to healthy bodies and healthy minds; outdoor activities, a state-wide focus on whole foods, and a laid-back attitude toward personal and social enjoyment like frequenting one of the hundreds of local breweries and cannabis dispensaries, give the people of Colorado many ways to live their best lives. As such, Colorado has the lowest obesity rates in the entire country. 

Buying Real Estate in Winter Park

Truly, in terms of health, happiness, the development of personal hobbies, and finding ways to spend one’s time, Colorado has more going for it than other states. This extends as well to those Winter Park homes for sale right now. While there are so many parts of the state worthy of consideration, from Boulder to Vail and Telluride to Aspen, the benefits of living near the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests have become self-evident to all who visit each year, leading to a market full of some of the most sought-after homes in the state. Below are listed five reasons why people choose to invest in Winter Park, Colorado real estate for their second home.

  1. Access to World-Famous Sites

    The aforementioned Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests are just a few of the natural wonders that denizens of Winter Park get to enjoy on a daily basis. Located in Grand County, Colorado, Winter Park residents have over 800,000 acres of wildlife, mountain rivers, and breathtaking forests right on their doorstep. These include access to the Rocky Mountain National Park and Routt National Forest. 

  2. First-Class Recreation

    Outdoor activities in Colorado mean grand vistas, effulgent sunshine, natural pine scent, and a fulfilling vacation in both the winter and the summer. Whether you choose to hit the slopes on a board or lace up your Salomons to hit the switchbacks, you will find Winter Park to be one of the premier spots for outdoor recreation in the state. The famous Winter Park Resort welcomes visitors year-round and is a big selling point for purchasing Winter Park real estate. Other lodges include the Snow Mountain Ranch and the Devil’s Thumb Rance.

  3. A Touch of History

    One of the strongest parts of Winter Park’s social identity is its rich and adventurous history. Established originally under the name Hideaway Park by a maverick drug store owner, Linus “Doc” Graves, Winter Park can chart the origins of its founding to the turn of the 20th Century and the boom of the railway industry in Colorado. Today, real estate in Winter Park, Colorado deftly walks the line between contemporary building and vintage architecture, allowing for a scenic walk and homey feel anywhere in town.

  4. Diverse Live Events

    With so many people coming to visit each year, Winter Park is home to more than a few annual events. From regional art festivals to Grand County concert series, Winter Park residents have ample opportunities to infuse their lives with culture and adventure, letting them celebrate all the smells, tastes, colors, and experiences of Colorado. For those who enjoy making friends with their community, Winter Park packs in the fun. 

  5. Real Foodie Culture

    Purchasers of Winter Park real estate aren’t just investing in future vacations or sustainable secondary income from renting their second home, they are also guaranteeing an exceptional culinary experience wherever they choose to eat. Home to over 100 unique restaurants and pubs, Winter Park offers a diverse catalog of fine dining options spanning numerous cultures and cuisines. While the city is known for its eclectic selection of wines, beers, and spirits, Winter Park offers an eating experience not found anywhere else in Colorado.