Cross-Country Skiing: A Refined Pastime

An Evolution of Perfection

The real estate at Winter Park has been a mountaineer’s dream for decades, full of rich possibilities for spending time in Colorado’s great outdoors. From hiking to rafting to snowmobiling, the Lakota lifestyle is one of fulfillment and activity, where beautiful landscapes are the daily backdrop. 

If there is a singular pastime, however, that brings vacationers and transplants alike to look for homes for sale in Winter Park, it’s skiing. Of course, downhill skiing gets the lion’s share of attention, and for good reason — the slopes here in Colorado are legendary. But today we want to focus on what many consider to be a more refined evolution of the sport: cross-country skiing.

If you haven’t yet tried cross-country and have been considering clicking into your skis and giving it a try, you’ve come to the right place.

The Perks of Cross-Country

Cross-country skiing is an enigma to many outdoor enthusiasts because it trades in the high-speed thrills of hurdling downhill for a more personalized experience, where you — instead of gravity — dictate the pace of the sport. Split-second decisions are traded in for luxurious jaunts over open terrain, while minute-long downhill runs get exchanged for miles-long endurance challenges of Herculean proportions.

To the lifelong downhill veteran, that all might sound a little…pedestrian, and yet the benefits of cross-country are enough to bring people back for more each winter, making it one of the fastest-growing winter sports year over year.

Customized Exercise

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of cross-country skiing is your health. While it’s true that any long hike in the snow is bound to improve your cardio, cross-country skiing lets you set the tenor of your exercise by being as hard or as difficult as you want it to be. 

Cross-country skiing gives you a different workout altogether when compared to downhill skiing, specifically by:

  • Providing a full-body workout: Large muscle groups are targeted simultaneously, like core, legs, back, chest, shoulders, and arms, making it much like swimming in that way.
  • Being good for your heart: Most cross-country sessions are longer than downhill or backcountry runs, which means your heart is working harder. You’ll be better at every other type of fitness.
  • Improving your emotional health: Behavioral scientists agree that more time spent outside (and with friends) is better for your mental and emotional health. Which leads us to our next point…

A Great Way to See Winter Park Real Estate

Typical downhill skiing is a thrill, thanks to the exhilaration of flying down the mountain fast. You do get to enjoy the scenery on the lift ride up, but it’s short-lived. With cross-country skiing, you get to enjoy the grandeur of Winter Park, Colorado in its entirety, at a much slower pace. 

You’re also free to keep your eyes up and engaged with the environment instead of directly in front of your skis at all times. Getting to know the woods and mountains surrounding a prospective home purchase is a great way to know whether that property is meant for you, as well.

Many skiers who favor cross-country have reported a tranquil, almost meditative experience that helps them feel invigorated like never before.

Easier for Everyone

Cross-country skiing has very practical benefits, as well, in addition to those already mentioned. It’s less overwhelming for newcomers. Because there’s less of a focus on spending a fortune on the best gear possible, there’s a much more laid-back, welcoming vibe to the cross-country community. 

It’s also easier for the elderly and those recovering from an injury. Generally speaking, cross-country skiing is:

  • Low impact
  • Easier to control speed
  • Generally safer, since you’re not going over cliffs

The instances of traumatic injury while cross-country skiing are minuscule, which also makes it good for young kids.

If you’re interested in why so many people come to Winter State to look for available real estate, and how cross-country skiing plays into that, contact us today.