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cross country skiing on mountain at sunset

Cross-Country Skiing: A Refined Pastime

An Evolution of Perfection The real estate at Winter Park has been a mountaineer’s dream for decades, full of rich possibilities for spending time in Colorado’s great outdoors. From hiking to rafting to snowmobiling, the Lakota lifestyle is one of fulfillment and activity, where beautiful landscapes are the daily backdrop.  If there is a singular pastime, however, that brings vacationers

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man skiing downhill. winter recreation concept

The Winter Park Experience Passes

Do you remember the majesty of the empty box when you were young? With a little bit of imagination, it could be a spaceship, a clubhouse, or a jail for misbehaving stuffed animals. You could take the box outside and it was a sled in the winter or an animal trap in the spring. Cut arm holes in it and

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Empty ski lift against snowy mountain landscape

Preparing for the 2021 Ski Season

For the avid skier, the 2020 ski season was a dismal affair. Many of the resorts dotted around Winter Park’s gorgeous real estate, and the greater Colorado area, were either totally closed or only allowing a small amount of daily traffic up and down the mountain.  Some have described this scene of virtually untouched powder, neglected at the height of

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Fall leaves near Colorado lake

Autumn in Winter Park

Some may expect Winter Park real estate to be most beautiful with snow on the ground. Like Glacier National Park in Montana, when you go there and see ice, you’re chuffed to know that you’re getting the marquee experience; beauty, as advertised. In many ways, agents who manage Winter Park’s homes for sale are able to find buyers for them

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Table set for a fine-dining experience

13 Unbeatable Dining Options in Winter Park

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or hanging out a little closer to sea level, you’re bound to work up an appetite while adventuring in Winter Park. Thankfully, there’s a lot of delicious dining options in Winter Park, perfect for families or date nights. Where to Eat in Winter Park Your Winter Park real estate may exclusively serve as your second

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Rental property in the rocky mountains

Winter Park Real Estate You’ll Love

For the best in Winter Park real estate, trust in Lakota. Winter Park Offers Options Whether you’re looking for a home site for new construction, luxury duplex living, or a single-family home in Colorado, you’ll find it listed with the Winter Park real estate experts of Lakota. Northwoods Duplexes Located across the street from Winter Park skiing, the Northwoods Neighborhood

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view of a homesite in Winter Park, Colorado

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Colorado Real Estate?

For many people searching for a second home right now, it seems there isn’t enough supply to meet demand. So is it worth getting into a bidding war over your dream vacation home? Increased demand for Winter Park real estate creates a seller’s market, which Colorado has been experiencing since 2020. Predictions show it will continue to be a seller’s

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Mountain hiking trail in Winter Park, Colorado.

Inside or Outside, Winter Park Offers a Summer of Fun

It’s almost summer! For the last year, you’ve probably gotten pretty creative when it comes to recreational activities for yourself and your loved ones. We want you to be able to make the most of your Winter Park real estate this year, so let’s take a look at what you can do near your vacation home this summer while still

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Winter Park Colorado during the summer

Winter Park: The Perfect Summer Getaway

As we reach the spring months and continue moving further into the year, thoughts about summer vacations often begin surging through our minds. Some prefer the soft sand of the beach and the smell of the ocean, while others crave a cool mountain breeze and beautiful landscape vistas. Whether you are a beach lover or a mountain lover, we at

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Winter Park real estate. New homes in Winter Park, Colorado.

2021 Real Estate Trends

The homebuying market of 2021 is much different than in years past. What has largely been thought of as an economic detriment, referring to the COVID-19 pandemic, has introduced some interesting trends moving into the future. As of right now, 2021 has proven to be a great time to buy as both buyers and sellers are benefiting from a wealth

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lakota housing

Keeping up Your Second Home Between Vacations

There is no question about it, a home is a valuable asset— one of the biggest and most significant a person can own. For all homeowners, some degree of time and energy is required to aid in the home’s appreciation and make it a space worth living in. Routine maintenance is a constant responsibility as is protection against theft and

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Drone image of new construction in Lakota Winter Park

7 Benefits of Owning a Second Home in Winter Park

The Four General Benefits To buy, or not to buy, that is the question spinning through the minds of many who are contemplating the purchase of a second home. Homes are large investments and the process of buying can be a stressful one. However, large investments can pay large dividends— ones that provide an invaluable return.  When considering the purchase

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