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Life in a Mountain Town

Living in Winter Park means getting the most out of life. Are you seeking a relaxing and cozy weekend at home? A day trip to the lake? Or a night out on the town? There’s always something to do here unless of course, you’re looking to take it easy. The best part? The changing of seasons means new and exciting

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Weekend Adventures in Winter Park

We don’t always have the chance to have a long vacation. So what if you only have a few days to soak in a city as much as possible? Whether you’ve never been to Winter Park, Colorado for a long 4th of July weekend, or you’re a Winter Park or Lakota resident just looking for fun in your own backyard,

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Lakota Staycation

As the weather begins to warm in the mountains of Colorado, you may be planning your next adventure or dream summer vacation. But what about your next great staycation? Living in Lakota almost automatically means you can start your spring or summer adventure just by walking out your front door. 

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Sunrise in Lakota with a meadow in the foreground

Should Lakota Be Your New Home?

Moving is a big undertaking. You might even feel that keeping close to your current home will lessen your overall moving stress levels. After all, moving is exciting, but it’s a huge commitment. Moving is also an opportunity for change; to live in a new and energizing place away from the normalcy of your current neighborhood. Of course, Lakota at

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A couple moving boxes into their new home.

Moving to Lakota? Here’s Some Moving Mistakes to Avoid.

You’re moving to Lakota, and the excitement has hit you. Moving day is coming up, and nothing could knock you off Cloud Nine. If we’re being honest, however, a day or two of moving can be beyond stressful. There’s a lot that can go wrong if we let that excitement get in the way of proper planning for the big

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Summertime in Lakota at Winter Park

Planning for personal and family time at Lakota during the winter months is simple. It’s as easy as stepping into your backyard or taking the short trip from your Lakota home into Winter Park and surrounding areas. But what about your spring and summer plans? Colorado isn’t short of things to do in the summertime, but can you honestly say

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Should You Invest in an Investment Property?

Choosing to vacation in Colorado—especially in Winter Park—isn’t a difficult decision to make. There’s no better place to experience natural wonders, find relaxation, and rebalance your life. You may have already fallen in love with the scenery, that indescribable magic of the majestic mountains, or maybe it’s the easy access to your favorite activities. Whether this is your first trip

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The Physical, Mental, and Social Benefits of Living in the Mountains

Everybody who has ever had the opportunity to live in or near the mountains can attest to the benefits of mountain life. There is no question that living in the mountains is unlike living anywhere else. For some people, they can’t imagine living anywhere else, and when they travel away from home, they miss the beautiful scenery, clean air, and

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Woman snow shoeing Winter Park Colorado

Things to Do as a Resident of Winter Park

The town of Winter Park is an idyllic example of what life can be like buried in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. While small, Winter Park is chock-full of fantastic things to do! Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the stunning mountain vistas and all that they offer or to partake of the delicious food and drink of local

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